Life in Bulgaria

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Life in Bulgaria.

Karnobat Town Festival 2012 - Dancing in traditional costumes

Bulgaria, Karnobat Town Festival 2012 - Dancing in traditional costumes.

House for sale 45 minutes from Black Sea Coast

I am from the United Kingdom, and through the medium of this website I will try and answer many of the questions about buying a property in Bulgaria, that I only found the answers to after I actually visited Bulgaria for myself. I found unbiased information difficult to find on the internet, and high resolution pictures of Bulgaria very scarce.

Most of the websites I visited before I first came to Bulgaria, were trying to sell me something, and it was then difficult to know if the information they were presenting to me was totally true.

For those of you who are thinking of buying a property in Bulgaria, whether to use as a holiday home, or as a permanent base, I will hopefully answer many of your questions on these pages. I will try to provide you with enough information to help you to decide whether buying a house in a village is right for you, or maybe you would prefer a house or apartment in a town, or even the city.

Karnobat, Bulgarian Old Woman

Bulgaria, Karnobat, Old Lady in Bulgaria

The main thing that I have found out about the Bulgarian people is how friendly they are, and if I were to choose an accolade for them, it would be to say that their hospitality knows no bounds. It takes me back to my childhood in a poor mining village in Wales back in the 1950's, when no-one had very much, but there was a great feeling of neighbourliness, and everyone helped each other - sadly we have lost the ability to be like that - in Bulgaria they still have it.

I am now smitten by Bulgaria, mostly by the wonderfully hospitable and kind Bulgarian folk that I have met, but also by the country itself. Bulgaria has many faces - even the people themselves range in colour from pure white to very dark. The places one may visit in a relatively small country, vary from the snowy skiing resorts to wonderful sunny beaches. Without a doubt there is great poverty in the villages, but also great wealth in the towns and cities.

Bulgaria, Karnobat, St Ioan's Church and Drinking Water Fountain

Bulgaria, Karnobat, St Ioan's Church and Drinking Water Fountain

A Bulgarian friend told me the following story: When God made the world, he made all the countries except Bulgaria, and when asked where it was he said he had forgotten to make it. The only other land that God had was the land that he had made for himself, and it was an especially beautiful place. To make amends God gave his own land and this land is now known as Bulgaria. This then explains why Bulgaria is such a beautiful country.

If you have photographs of Bulgaria - old or recent - and you would like to share them with the world, in order that they may share in the beauties of this wonderful country, please email me high resolution scans here please. Please ensure that whoever owns the images has approved their use, otherwise we will be in contravention of copyright law.


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Stara Planina Mountains


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Bourgas, Madrino, Storks Nesting on a Street Light

Province of Bourgas, Village of Madrino, a pair of Storks nesting on a street light - a common sight in Bulgaria


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