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Buying Air Conditioning Systems in Bulgaria


The summer in Bulgaria gets very, very hot, and can be in the 40's celsius - much too hot for comfort. In the winter the temperatures can drop into the minus 20 degrees celsius. The answer to both of these problems in Bulgaria can be air conditioning units.

Most people - like Brits eg - cannot handle the heat, and will at some stage consider getting air conditioning. Hopefully this guide will help you to choose which air conditioning will be best for you.

There are several things to consider when you choose air conditioning in Bulgaria, not least the ongoing costs of running it.

The best air conditioning is the invertor type, which is more energy efficient, and will save you money. The other consideration is the energy rating, the best in Bulgaria appears to be A/A or AA - again this will save you money.

We looked for promotions where the installation was free - in Bulgarian 'Bezplaten Montax'. We also went for a make that we were familiar with, which gave us peace of mind. We got a two year guarantee with our machine.

Regarding the power rating needed, it will depend on the size of your room, but if you are familiar with UK air con, we rate power by btu's - British Thermal Units. In Bulgaria it is rated in KW's, and every KW is approximately equivalent to 3.500 btu's. We needed a 12,000 btu air conditioner, so had to get a 3.5KW machine.

Do not forget that as well as cooling the room in the summer, the iair con will heat your room in the winter, so saving you on the cost of logs for your log burner (Petchka). Of course, it will also be much cleaner for you as there is no smoke, plus many air con systems clean the air as well.

We live in the Burgas region, and believe that it makes sense to get your equipment from the city, so we went to Technomarket and also Technopolis (where we actually bought ours from).

Another consideration is the noise level, there will be two levels, one for the inside blower, and another for the compressor outside. The one we bought was 43db inside and 55db outside, which appears pretty normal for a 3.5KW machine.



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