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Bulgaria, ProCredit Bank

Bulgaria, ProCredit Bank

Banks In Bulgaria

Bulgaria, United Bulgarian Bank

Bulgaria, United Bulgarian Bank.

Bulgarian Banks are modern and plentiful, and the type of bank that you may choose will depend on the individuals needs.

In Bulgaria there is as much choice of quality banking services and banks as one could reasonably expect anywhere. The names will probably be unfamiliar to you, because they are obviously Bulgarian banks, but others are financed from overseas, some by German banks, and some are even from the U.K.

The important thing when looking for a bank for yourselves is to ensure that the services you want are available at the bank you are considering. Particularly if you are going to get a regular transfer of money from overseas, like your pension, you will want a bank that has internet banking, and low banking charges.

Some banks for example, charge every time you use an ATM, and the charges from that may mount up if drawing regular small amounts. Cheques are not so commonly used in Bulgaria as they are in the U.K. Often, the best way to find out which are the best banks are to visit the various ex pat blogs, as these have a plethora of information.

The photographs of the banks on this page are representative of a small number of the banks available, and should by no means be seen as recommendations; as previously stated, choose a bank by your personal preferences and requirements.


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Bulgaria, DSK Bank

Bulgaria, DSK Bank


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