Life in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Eudoxia of Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Princess Eudoxia of Bulgaria - daughter of King Ferdinand by his first wife Princess Marie-Louise

Bulgaria, Nadeschda of Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Princess Nadezhda of Bulgaria - Princess Marie-Louise died giving birth to her

Bulgaria, Tsar and Crown Prince

Bulgaria, Tsar and Crown Prince

The Bulgarian Royal Family.

Bulgaria, Ferdinand of Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria

In 1878 Prince Alexander of Battenburg - at the age of 22 - takes charge of Bulgaria, only to be dethroned in 1886. At the time, Bulgaria was a principality, and it was not until 1908 that Bulgaria was made a kingdom.

Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg Gotha is elected Prince of Bulgaria (He was a cousin to King Edward VII of England). In 1908 came the Declaration of Independence - from Turkish Rule - and thus Prince Ferdinand became Tsar Ferdinand. Tsar Ferdinand died in 1918 after a 32 year reign, and was succeeded by his son Boris.

King Boris (Tsar Boris III) ruled during a time of great instability, and when he died in 1943 (shortly after returning from a meeting with Adolf Hitler) his son - Simeon, aged just 6 - became Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria.On the 13th of Sptember 1946 - just days after the establishment of the People's Republic of Bulgaria - Tsar Simeon and his family were exiled, and lived first in Alexandria, Egypt, where his grandfather (Giovanna's fathe) lived in exile from Italy, where he had been King. In 1951 they accepted an invitation of asylum from Francisco Franco of Spain.

After the downfall of communism in 1990, Simeon was given a Bulgarian passport. On the 6th April 2001, after returning to Bulgaria, Simeon was democratically elected Prime Minster of Bulgaria. He was Prime Minister until August 2005.



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Bulgaria, King Boris

Bulgaria, King Boris

Bulgaria, Queen of Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria - wife of Boris III

Bulgaria, Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria and his family

Bulgaria, Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria and his family

Bulgaria, Tsar of Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Tsar of Bulgaria


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