Life in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Karnobat, Town House undergoing Refurbishment

Bulgaria, Karnobat, Town House undergoing Refurbishment

Bulgaria, Bourgas, City Apartments

Bulgaria, Bourgas, City Apartments

Bulgaria, Burgas Region, Village House Number two with Broken Chimney and Roof

Bulgaria, Burgas Region, Village House needing refurbishment

Buying Property in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, Karnobat, Stylish Property

Bulgaria, Karnobat, Stylish Town Property.

Deciding where to buy in Bulgaria is the first thing you need to do, whether you want to be in the north, south, west or east of the country. This will depend on your own preferences, and will depend on whether you want to be close to beaches, skiing resorts, or whether you want to opt for a quiet rural life.

The next choice you will make will be between life in a village, town, or city. In my opinion this will be as important a choice as the area, if not more so.

The third choice you make will be whether to buy a property that is already done to UK standards, or to buy a house or apartment that needs refurbishment, the beauty of this is that you can do it to your own standards and taste. The drawback with that is, even though you will undoubtedly buy a property very cheap, you will probably end up spending just as much in improving the property as if you had paid for one ready to move into.

When you buy a house in Bulgaria it more or less invariably has a large plot of land, and anything you buy with land means that you would have to form a company, for without it you are not allowed to own land in Bulgaria. Not normally the case when you buy an apartment, as there is no land involved.

Few village houses requiring refurbishment, will have even basic amenities like electricity, toilets, bathrooms or even basic water. There will probaly be a water well in the garden, which will require a pump to raise the water, and that will be that. In most villages it will be possible to install water, electricity, phones, and even broadband, but you perhaps should consider a property where this is already there for you.

The main attractation of living life in a village is the people are so kind, neighbourly and friendly - much as a village in the United Kingdom was in the 1950's, when the common bond was that everyone had so little. See Villages in Bulgaria.

Life in a Bulgarian town is more what you might be used to, with lots of shops, and a choice of places to eat out. Depending on the size of the town, there will be shops of most kinds, including builders merchants, and a garage to have your car repaired. See Towns in Bulgaria.

In Bulgarian cities, everything you could possibly need is available, and in addition, the culture that we associate with life in a city, and therefore so much more to be seen and to do. See Cities in Bulgaria.

The high resolution photographs on this website are for illustration purposes only, and does not indicate that a property may be for sale or otherwise.

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Bulgaria, Apartments

Bulgaria, Beautiful Apartments

Bulgaria, Karnobat, Nice Town House

Bulgaria, Karnobat, Nice Town House

Bulgaria, Burgas Region, Village House and Land

Bulgaria, Burgas Region, Village House and Land


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