Life in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Flower - Red Rose and a Fly

Bulgaria, Flower - Red Rose and a Fly

Bulgaria, House Martin's Nest and Young Birds

Bulgaria, House Martin's Nest and Young Birds

Bulgaria, Ponies ready for trekking

Bulgaria, Ponies ready for trekking

Bulgaria, Dead Snake

Bulgaria, Dead Snake

Bulgaria, Stubel, Donkey and Cart

Bulgaria, Stubel, a village donkey and cart at work

Bulgaria, Butterflies

Bulgaria, Butterflies - looks like a small tortoiseshell

Bulgaria, Metallic Blue Beetle

Bulgaria, Metallic Blue Beetle



Please help feed abandoned kittens in Bulgaria.


Nature - including Animals, Insects and Flowers - in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Flies feed on a donkey, whilst he feeds on the grass

Bulgaria, Flies feed on a donkey, whilst he feeds on the grass.

Bulgaria has it all, mountains, lakes, rivers and forests, and there is a large diversity of animals, flora, fauna and insect life to observe or photograph. I am reliably informed that there are still wild bears, wolves and wild boars, although I have yet to see any of them, and believe they may be confined to the north of the country. I do not know if these animals are protected, but I do know there is a large hunting fraternity in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has a large population of snakes, all but one are harmless, the exception being the viper, which we also have in the U.K.. The only snakes that I have seen for myself are the frequent ones to be seen dead on the road, and a grass snake that entered our house. My brother-in-law tells me of witnessing an eagle trying to fly off with a sizeable snake, and crash landing on his car.

Horses, donkeys and mules are to be seen everywhere, as they are used by locals to transport small loads locally. The many gypsies that you will see on main roads also use this form of transportation.

Flowers and fruit trees grow very well in Bulgaria, and in most rural gardens you will find grape vines, cherry trees, walnut trees, peach trees, and pretty much every other kind of fruit tree in one garden or another.

We had a trip up into a forest in the Strata Planina mountains, and as we drove into the forest there were a kaleidoscope of butterflies to welcome us. Before you email me, I know the correct term for a collection of butterflies is either a rabble, or a swarm, but I prefer the term 'a kaleidoscope of butterflies'. Another I have heard is a 'flutterby of butterflies'.

If any of you would like to contribute your own photographs of the nature of Bulgaria, please email high res copies to me here please.

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Snakes and Lizards


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Bulgaria, Humming Moth and Blue Flowers

Bulgaria, Humming Bird Hawk Moth and Blue Flowers

Bulgaria, Flower and Bee

Bulgaria, Pink flower and a busy Bee

Bulgaria, Flower - Red Rose and a Fly

Bulgaria, Flower - red rose and a fly

Bulgaria, Butterfly

Bulgaria, a brightly coloured butterfly

Bulgaria, Butterflies Galore

Bulgaria, Butterflies Galore

Bulgaria, Butterfly II

Bulgaria, Butterfly looks similar to the Painted Lady

Bulgaria, Metallic Green and Gold Beetle

Bulgaria, Metallic Green and Gold Beetle


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