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How do I get Skype - Keeping in Touch with Home.

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When we are away from home, whether on an extended holiday, or actually living abroad - e.g. Bulgaria - it is always nice to keep in touch with family and friends. Phones are great, but can be expensive, so why not take advantage of a free face to face video call, where you chat and see each other in real time.

Skype is exactly that, and regardless of how many times you call anyone, wherever in the world, the call will always be absolutely free, and it is simple to get going. You need a computer with an internet connection, a video capture camera with sound (webcam) - and most computers and laptops now come with these built in - if not you may buy one for about £15 sterling.

Type in the word Skype on Google - or whatever other search engine you may use - and when the options come up choose "download Skype". Install Skype on your computer, set up a free account, and providing you know someone's Skype name you can begin to make video calls from your computer. Do remember that you can only be contacted by others when you have the Skype program running, so provided you don't mind being disturbed, it is wise to keep the program running.

Another product operated by Skype is unlimited phone calls - via your computer - to landlines anywhere in Europe - and all for about £4 per month (July 2010). When making a phone call, a phone number keyboard will pop up on your screen and you dial up the number you want; when they answer, you have a normal conversation, the only difference is you are speaking via the speaker on your computer.

So there you go, get all of your family and friends to sign up to Skype, and get video calling - you will never look back. The program also includes a search facility where you may carry out a search by name and location, you then send them a 'friend' request, and as soon as they reply you are away.


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