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The Weather in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, a bare tree on a Bulgarian Winters Day in mid February

Bulgaria, a bare tree on a Bulgarian Winters Day in mid February

Bulgaria has a great diversity of weather depending on the time of year, but with an average of about 300 days of sunchine a year, the sun is predominantly out. In the summer the weather can reach highs of plus 40 degrees celsius, which is very hot. I guess the average for the hottest months would be in the mid to high 30 degrees.

The winter here in Bulgaria can be viciously cold, with heavy snow falls, which may quickly turn to solid ice, and depending on where in the country you are can range from freezing down to minus 25 degrees. In villages during these cold spells it is quite usual for the water supply to freeze, and electricity supplies can be unreliable. Strong winds can reduce these temperatures even further due to the 'chill factor'.

The warmest of the regions appear to be in the south and include the Burgas and Varna regions, where temperatures may often be eight or nine degrees higher than in other ares of Bulgaria.

If you are renovating a property in Bulgaria it is essential that you adequately bury all waterpipes and lag pipes even when they are located indoors.

If you live in a village it is important that you have more than one method of heating and cooking, most houses would have a log burner (petchka), which obviously does not rely on electricity, and depending on the type can also be used as cookers. Many people renovating property have installed radiators which run from the heat of the log burners, but serious drawbacks to this include not being able to use your log burner if either the water is frozen or the electricity is off. In these cases you would either need some kind of gas or electric back-up heating.


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